Easy Guacamole

This easy Guacamole is hands down one of my favourite dips. It is so simple, creamy, garlicky, slightly acidic, and goes insanely well with tortilla chips, pretzels, on sandwiches, on top of enchiladas, inside of a burrito... I could go on. But, in my world it has to be fresh Guacamole. None of that from a … Continue reading Easy Guacamole


Vegan Ranch

Tangy, creamy dilly, slightly garlicky, this vegan ranch dressing its the ideal pairing for a crisp and fresh tossed salad, or the perfect dip for dunking crunchy veggies or hot saucy pizza! No wonder it is a household staple, especially if you have kids. That said, we don't have kids and  go through the stuff … Continue reading Vegan Ranch

Vegan Tzatziki

Vegan Tzatziki

Creamy, fresh, garlicky and slightly lemony this vegan Tzatziki is sure to make your taste buds truly happy. Pre-vegan I loved tzatziki on anything Mediterranean inspired -- greek potatoes, spanakopita (spinach pie), gyro wraps, falafel, eaten in embarrassingly large quantities on the couch with pita bread paired with a Netflix binge... you get the picture.  So you can imagine … Continue reading Vegan Tzatziki